To provide pleasure and satisfy for the customer.
To manage workplace for the staff welfare.
To contribute for society.


To pursuit quality and services that beyond the customer's expectation.


To provide new value for the customers through the chemistry.

Permachem Asia, LTD. succeed to the past initiatives to the environment and tribute to society based on the management philosophy that takes into account "Basic Environment Plan" decided by the cabinet.

1.We effort to preserve the environment and reduce environmental load continuously through the corporate activity.

2. We effort to use resouces and energy effectively and promote the activities for low carbon society.

3. We contribute to circular economy through the reducing and recycling wastes.

4. We effort to improve technology for environmental preservation and develop eco-friendly production.

President, Permachem Asia, LTD. Norose Satoru

Message from the president

Dear Customers

Permachem Asia, LTD. started in 1956 as an industrial preservative production company. After that, we have progressed as chemicals and pharmaceutical company. We would like to appriciate your support.
Since then, we have promotes management philosophy that weigh on research and development of industrial preserves, antifungal surgents, deodorants for aircraft and buses etc.
We also aim to leap as API bulk drug company.
Furthermore, we focus on electronic material field and promote to develop products that is based on organic synthetics through the chemical thoughts.
We have been focusing on not also product quality but also new technology and value so far, and develeoping new products. We will continue tributing to society by developing and providing products that meets customer's needs.

Thank you for all your support.