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Saraly Depend on age
Allowances Commutation allowance, Overtime pay, Holiday allowance, Travel allowance, Housing allowance
Salary raise Once a year(April)
Bonus Twice a year (June, December)
Working hours 9:00~17:15 (Lunch break 12:00~13:00)
Holidays The total number of annual holidays:113 days.
Paid holidays, Special leave for weddings and funerals, Maternity leave, Childcare leave, Nursing care leave
Benefits system Employee Health Insurance, Welfare Pension Insurance, Corporate pension fund, Accident insurance etc.
Others Labor union
Work place

Kikugawa Factory (Shizuoka pref,Kikugawa city) Manufacturing medicine, Experiment and Research, Chemosynthesis

Torihama Factory (Kanagawa pref, Yokohama city) Manufacturing industrial chemical and Electronic materials

R&D center(Kanagawa pref, Yokohama city) Quality management, Microbial test, Chemosynthesis

Headquarter( Sales dept) (Tokyo,Nihombashi) Selling our products and other company's products