Sales Dept.

"I look forward to going to a town I don't know yet."

"It is very pleasure when the product sells"

"A conversation with the customers that I hear for the first time grows me."

"I was helped by the colleagues and other departments many times when I was in trouble."

"I became a gourmet! But I have got fat a bit lol."

"I was in the fulness of my heart when I made a new deal!"

R&D Center

"I like research and experiment, so I do something what I like as a job and live a full life. "

"When I found a synthesis way of new substances, I thought that "I did it! " because I like chemical synthesis."

"Many samples are sent from sales dept, but I am very pleased when the customers ordered by my evaluation result."

"Quality control is a work that looks with regulations strictly."

"I interpret with confidence the test result that is difficult to judge."

"I felt a sense of accomplishment when my new product development became a trial product."

Torihama Factory

"We produce products about 100t every month."

"The shipment of the products that I produced is my pleasure."

"When I made a defective product, R&D center, sales dept, and my colleagues helped me."

”It is good workout than go to gym lol.”

"We haven't caused an accident for many years!"

Kikugawa Factory

"I work with mission for supplying API."

"I produce API, so I keep in mind to be neat."

"We test the products strictly because these will be into a mouth finally."

"There are many colleagues in the factory, so it is very fun outside of work time too."